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Patient counseling

The consequences of inappropriate OTC analgesic use can be serious. Learn about the different ways patients may inadvertently misuse pain relievers, and get patient education resources that support your counseling.

Most common ways that patients may use OTC analgesics inappropriately:

  • Rely on past behaviors or recommendations when selecting current treatments

  • Do not know the active ingredients in their medicine

  • Take multiple products with the same ingredient concomitantly

  • Misunderstand dosing or take more than recommended, in hopes of achieving faster or stronger relief

  • Take next dose too soon

  • Take an inappropriate OTC analgesic based on their current coexisting medical conditions and medications

Resources to help your patients choose and use OTC pain relievers safely

Adult OTC Pain Reliever Comparison Chart

Help your patients choose an OTC analgesic that is appropriate for them

OTC Analgesics Safety Chart

Help your patients use OTC analgesics safely

OTC Pain Reliever Dosing Chart

Help your patients dose OTC analgesics correctly

How to Read Medicine Labels

Help your patients use Drug Facts labels with confidence